Saturday, April 28, 2012

PHP and Drupal Client

A key pillar of SIGKAT's plans for increasing the breadth of credentials currency is ease of integration of our API.  A major component of this is creating client side toolkits for various languages and platforms.

Today we started up a project for Drupal that will serve 3 purposes:
  • Enabling the countless number of Drupal sites.
  • Development of a lower level generic php wrapper for the SIGKAT API.
  • Give us a good demo/test client site.
Several other considerations informed this choice, including the groad popularity of Drupal in an innovative community and simply that we have some fairly in-depth recent Drupal experience so we can make rapid progress getting to a prototype.

We are targeting Drupal 7 initially and the project, still in sandbox stage, can be seen here.

As well as simply getting out a prototype, we expect to gain an understanding of the form and function of a SIGKAT API encapsulation that we will then apply to other similar projects.

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